A Brief History

The Security Forces Foundation is about the families of U. S. Air Force Security Forces Members.   Variously called Air Police and Security Police since  1947 when the Air Force became a separate service the men and women have    provided the ground defense of  United States Air Force Air Bases and warfighting assets.   From the frozen Chosen of Korea to  the jungles of Vietnam and  Thailand in our legacy to our service today in Iraq, Afghanistan and 200 countries  around  the world - these men and women ensure the combat sorties can  operate from a  safe airfield.   These warrior airmen provide a safe environment for  the  accomplishment of the principal mission of the Air Force i.e., to fly and to  fight.  There have been many changes over the years.  Uniforms and equipment  along  with names and faces have played their role. One thing has been  constant,  some of our fallen hero's ,   true American Patriots,  will not come back  -  their memories will always remain with us.

Daily Police Duties 

Daily police duties on an air base like those in the civilian world can be dangerous.TSgt Butler was on patrol at Edwards AFB, California. He made a routine traffic stop not knowing that the airman driving the car had just murdered another airman. As Sgt Butler approached the car he was shot and killed by the driver. TSgt Butler left his wife and children. 

Resource Security Duties 
Duty in one of the Northern Tier Missile Fields requires transportation of large numbers of Security Forces Members over vast areas.   At Ellsworth AFB South Dakota. A resupply helicopter with the full guard force crashed and killed all aboard.

Combat Service
The Security Forces have fought our wars from WW II as a part of the Army Air Force Military Police.   Air Policemen  fought and died in Korea.   Security Police fought, won and died in the battles of Vietnam and Southwest Asia.   Today's Security Forces face dangers around the world - "THEY ARE WELL TRAINED AND PREPARED" to face these dangers and be the "DEFENDERS OF THE FORCE"..