Instructions for First Sgt and Unit Commanders  

  1.)  Airman's First Sgt / CC completes AFSFF electronic grant form on    the   right. First Sgt / CC validates need, lists previous support, adds  endorsement    and submits to the AFSFF web site from address.

  2.)   AFSFF POC receives form, ensures proper completion, validates    award against award criteria, returns form if it is incomplete, and forwards form  and proposed award amount to Award Board for electronic vote.

 3.)   AFSFF Award Board reviews, votes, and submits electronic vote and  proposed amount to award POC

 4.)   If YES, AFSFF Award POC recieves votes, and proposed award  amount, contacts Unit First Sgt / CC, sends out award notification letter / email  and disburses award funds.

 5.)   If NO, AFSFF award POC contacts Unit First Sgt / CC and sends out  notification letter / email explaining AFSFA SFF Board results.